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Shelagh's Bath
Renovating a bathroom can be tricky at the best of times. When that bathroom is a boat ride from the mainland it ups the stakes considerably. In addition to keeping it cheap and cheerful Sarah and design inc. must let an erratic ferry schedule dictate each and every delivery and deadline. Will this beach theme retreat make it through potentially choppy waters?
paint palette
walls - Reflecting Pool 10GG62/026- ICI/Glidden
ceiling- Antarctic Ice 70YY73/083- ICI/Glidden
where we got it
all tile- Saltillo Imports
vanity- Ove
faucet for vanity/toilet/towels/towel bars/tissue holder/towel ring/baskets by tub- Home Depot
new hardware for vanity- Lee Valley
countertop accessories/baskets for vanity/mirrors- Homesense
tub/faucet- P.P.P.
tub/vanity available through- Taps Bath
sconces- Sescolite
shells/starfish for artwork- Pottery Barn
framing of above- Elgin Picture & Framing
frames for above- Ikea
window panel fabric- Designer Fabrics
fabrication of above- Dreams Home Fashions
shower system- Brizo
glass shower door and installation- Barber Glass
wooden cabinet- Hardware
baskets/towels in above cabinet- Ikea
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