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Jeff's Loft
A chemical flood has all but destroyed Jeff's downtown condo, requiring everything from floor to ceiling be ripped out and replaced. As Sarah and design inc. take it on they immediately come up against condo board rules. Adding insult to injury, Jeff is robbed while the clean-up takes place. Despite the odds Jeff gets a brand new living/dining space in keeping with the loft's hard-edged appeal, ideal for some desperately needed chill time!
paint palette
living room walls: Water Chestnut 30YY 62/167 & Legend Tan 20YY 51/098- ICI Glidden
living room trim: Meeting House 50YY 74/069ICI Glidden
accent wall: Tomahawk Red 90RR 11/257ICI Glidden
kitchen cabinets: Meeting House 50YY 74/069ICI Glidden
where we got it
living room/dining room:

all fabrics: JoAnne Fabrics
hardwood flooring: Goodfellow Flooring
dining table/console/mirrored boxes/stainless steel tray: Caban
banquette base: Unit 5
arc lamp: Pavilion
dining chairs: Queen West Antiques
table setting/vases/decanters: client's own
claremont sofa/george chairs: Sarah Richardson Design
coffee table/chairs: Caban
credenza/side tables/vases/lighting/art/drapery/accessories: client's own
area rug: Kilim Crafts

stainless steel panels: Metal Supermarket
cupboard hardware: Elte
track lighting: Universal Lighting
door spraying: Benjamen Refinishing
faucet: Masco
countertop accssories: client's own
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