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Margo's Dining Room
Margo's sad dining room holds little more than a cast-me-down outdoor patio set. She gives Sarah and design inc. carte blanche to bring it up to formal and family standard. An easy job is dogged by design indecision and misdirected deliveries. Yet their efforts result in a showcase dining room which no longer screams please pass the mustard!
paint palette
entrance hall:
walls: matchstick # 2013 - Farrow and Ball
ceiling: off white # 3 - Farrow and Ball

walls: picture gallery red #42 - Farrow and Ball
dining room:
walls: Sanderson Paper
blackthorn # wm8610/1
ceiling: off white # 3 - Farrow and Ball

trim throughout:
arrowroot # 2249 - Pratt & Lambert
where we got it
Dining Room:
chair frames - Savoia Chair
chair fabric - Joanne Fabrics Inc.
drapery + pillow fabrics - Designer Fabrics
sewing/installation of drapery – PK Draperies
dining table - Patina
chandelier - PS Wilde
carpet + accessories - Elte
sideboard – John Young Galleries
sconces - Decorum Decorative Finds
artwork - Canvas Gallery

Entrance Hall:
sconces, area rug, lantern - Elte
carpet runner - Merit Decorating Center Ltd.
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