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Garrick & Thecla's Kitchen
Garrick and Thecla are first time homeowners desperate to update the kitchen in their so-called money pit. design inc. faces down every challenge thrown at them, from structural concerns to pipes that obstruct every swing of the sledgehammer. In the end the kitchen is returned to its former grandeur, with the owners vowing to stay put as long as possible!
paint palette
Pratt & Lambert:
walls: #2296 Zephyr Hills
cabinets: #2241 Carolina Gull

trim: #2288 silver lining
where we got it
custom kitchen - Altima Kitchens
woodwork in kitchen - Treebone Design
appliances - Tasco
lighting-pendants above island - Mille Luce
sink - Blanco Canada
faucet - Hansgrohe
tile - Saltillo Imports
hardwood flooring - Barwood Flooring
stone countertop - Caledonia Marble
stainless steel countertop - Alonzi Enterprise
kitchen handles - Summerhill Hardware
area rug - Elte
table - Kiosk
chairs - Caban
barstools - Sarah Richardson Design
storage jars/small appliances etc. - Canadian Tire
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