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Ruth's Pigsty
How do you make a pigsty habitable for humans? Sarah Richardson and design inc. face this challenge nose to nose as they create a guest cottage from a porker's palace. Everyone pitches in to paint, install a roof, wood floors, lighting and drywall as scheduled trades fail to show up. Classic red barn details and homespun fabrics provide warm welcome for this pigsty's two-legged guests.
paint palette
Pratt & Lambert:
trim: #2288 silver lining
exterior trim: #2279 putty

exterior: #1883 wild cherry
where we got it
accessory pillows, bedskirts - Pottery Barn
bedding - Dreams Home Fashions
quilts, white bedside lamp - Aberfoyle Antiques Market
bedside table, folding table, desk, coffee table, chest at end of bed, daybed bases, wheels for daybed bases - client's own
frames for photographs - Umbra
upholstered chairs - The Salvation Army
slipcovers for upholstered chairs - Bouj
red chinese side table, chinese water bucket - Jalan
sofa, area rug - Ikea
standing lamp - Homesense
shade for standing lamp - Pottery Barn
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